What We Do

Web Design

Beyond looking good, an effective Web presence needs to work as hard at maintaining the interest of your buying audience as it does at selling your business. From initial site concepts to efficient navigation design to results-driven search engine optimization, CS Advertising has the experience and technical expertise needed to create Web sites that help our customers leap past their competition. CSA has designed sites for a wide range of clients including those featured above.

Print Advertising

Speaking to your audience through strictly visual means requires the whole delivery—from fresh concepts to inviting copy to unforgettable images, CS Advertising specializes in ad packages designed to motivate your audience. Campaign experience ranges from regional newspapers to national trade publications to multi-genre magazine work.

Logos and Corporate Identity

CS Advertising has created striking logos and memorable taglines for clients ranging from manufacturers and small businesses to healthcare providers, and nonprofit organizations.

Billboard and Outdoor Advertising

Unmistakably effective, a well-planned billboard campaign can reach your audience 24 hours a day. At CS Advertising, we know what makes a billboard work (and what doesn’t), and we can help you turn this high-impact medium into one of your most useful marketing outlets.

Catalog Development

An equally important element of your marketing campaign, a well-designed and expertly organized catalog is essential to guiding your customers to the products they need. Developed with your marketing strategy in mind, catalogs are essential sales tools and may include company information, product listings, and a means for potential clients to contact you. Having your entire selection at the fingertips of the consumer is important as he or she considers purchasing your brand. Just as important is the arrangement of these items. Catalogs must reinforce your company image with engaging copy and design, and your products must be carefully positioned for optimal sales results.

Corporate Stationery

Properly implemented, an inviting corporate stationery package can consistently promote your image on a number of important levels. CS Advertising has crafted eye-catching business cards, letterhead, and mailing envelopes for clients ranging from large corporate entities and nonprofit groups to startup businesses and retail shops.

Product Packaging

From the determination of materials and sizing to layout concepts to final printed packaging, CS Advertising provides a variety of clients with innovative new ways to display their merchandise.

Custom Web Applications / Programming

Are you making the most of your Web site? Have you considered the potential of custom Web applications? Your audience will have access to a wealth of data uploaded by your site administrator. Imagine the possibilities… upload press releases to your news page or images to an online photo gallery by simply logging onto your site. Or, perhaps you want to cut down on paperwork and printing costs by uploading white papers, employee handbooks, product information, and more. Editing, adding, and deleting information can be as easy as using simple word processor.

Your Web application can easily tie into your site through a password-protected login area. CSA can assist you in making the most of your Web presence. Having an effective site that greets visitors and offers pertinent information relevant to their online experience is integral to your marketing strategy. Custom applications can help you streamline your work flow and cut time and money in the process

Direct Mail

One of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of reaching a large number of targeted individuals at one time, a well-planned direct-mail campaign can garner outstanding results. Direct mail can take many forms, and CS Advertising specializes in the creation of direct-mail pieces ranging from sales letters and postcards to multi-fold brochures and promotional items. In addition to the creative side of direct-mail production.


E-marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most popular means to communicate with existing and potential clients on a regular basis. For many reasons, businesses find value in the benefits of sending newsletters by e-mail. When compared to other forms of marketing, e-newsletters are cost-effective, can boost your Internet traffic, and generate top of mind awareness. E-mail newsletters are also highly measurable and can easily generate a notable return on investment.


Your marketing materials should do more than speak your message. A powerful strategy commands ATTENTION! It entices—and excites. It drives the consumer to take action. There are many ways to achieve this level of enticement. Adding the appeal of dynamic graphics and the emotion-provoking ability of sound through a multimedia presentation has been especially effective in tugging on emotion and producing this “must-have” level of interest.

Multimedia presentations have proved themselves effective in a number of applications. Because of the dynamic appeal, clients have adopted this avenue with open arms, and CSA has incorporated flash presentations into many aspects of their marketing lineup including Web sites, sales and trade show presentations, and multimedia business cards.

Trade Show Displays

Successful trade show promotions require a strategic plan involving everything from pre-show promotion to post-show follow up. CS Advertising can develop an effective trade-show promotions marketing strategy to help you make the most of your experience. To help you gear up for the event, CSA offers an entire line of trade show presentation materials, which include everything from tabletop displays to custom trade show exhibits. CSA can design your entire trade show display from top to bottom or offer supplemental items to freshen up and complement your existing booth. A variety of single banners are also available as stand-alone pieces. They can also be paired with two or more pieces to create a visually stunning message. Whatever your booth size, target market, or presentation needs, CSA can design an attractive and functional display that professionally promotes your business or organization.

Mobi Website Design

A growing number of companies are finding a whole new internet audience by way of PDA’s and Mobile Phones. Websites developed in Flash, and websites that have large amounts of graphics are sometimes not so friendly when it comes to mobile surfing. We can add a mobile browsing experience to your companies website that will keep visitors informed and coming back.